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Used Cars Staten Island NY
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Used Cars in Staten Island

Ready to replace your current vehicle with a newer model? Visit Plaza Auto Mall to take a look at our used cars in Staten Island. Not only are pre-owned cars less expensive alternatives to new cars, you can find a great deal on a quality used car in Staten Island New York.

Whether you’ve been searching for the right SUV or sedan, we offer pre-owned cars in different makes, colors and models at Plaza Auto Mall. Our current inventory of used cars in Staten Island includes Honda, Toyota, Acura and Hyundai. Here are just a few reasons why a used car may be a good investment for you.

Used Cars Staten Island NY - 2019 Honda Odyssey

Lower Depreciation Rates

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with purchasing a new car if that’s what you want. However, you should know that a new vehicle can depreciate by as much as 54 percent within three years of purchasing it.

Although a used car will lose some of its value within a few years, it will depreciate at a slower rate. The price of a used car is closer to its actual value than the price of a new car.

Used Cars Staten Island NY - 2019 Honda HR-V

Budget-Friendly Car Options

Think about what you’d do with the thousands of dollars you could save by purchasing a pre-owned vehicle. Not only does buying a used car make it easier to stick to your budget, but you could also put the money that you save into a new bank account.

There are a few ways you can save money by purchasing a used car. Automobile insurance is generally cheaper for pre-owned cars. The sticker price of a used car is lower than a new car’s sticker price. State and local sales taxes are cheaper for pre-owned cars.

Used Cars Staten Island NY - 2019 Honda Ridgeline

Quality and Reliability

Did you know that many used cars are just as dependable as new cars? In fact, our dealership sells quality Certified Pre-Owned vehicles that are rigorously inspected to ensure that they meet dealership and manufacturer standards.

From the brakes to the undercarriage, our technicians inspect major and minor components. Our inspection checklist includes the engine, air conditioning, radiator, seats, interior carpet, transmission, belts, hoses, safety systems and more.

Our mission is to offer Certified Pre-Owned cars that you can count on to transport you safely to your destination. Quality and reliability are just as important to our dealership as they are to our customers.

Used Cars Staten Island NY - 2019 Honda Civic

Warranties and Vehicle Protections

Buying a car with an extended warranty can provide you with peace of mind. After all, automobile repairs can add up quickly. Do you really want to spend hundreds of dollars on repairs if you don’t have to?

Our Certified Pre-Owned vehicles are available with attractive warranty packages that reduce the risks of buying a used car. Available warranty options may include powertrain warranties, manufacturer warranties, rust/corrosion warranties, extended warranties, adjustment warranties and bumper-to-bumper warranties.

Actual warranty offers are based on the vehicle and brand that you purchase. When you select your used car at our dealership, your sales team member will gladly provide you with information about the available warranties.

About Our Dealership in Staten Island New York

At Plaza Auto Mall, our team knows what it takes to provide our customers with remarkable experiences. Since 1975, we have continued to demonstrate our commitment to excellence, quality automobiles and exceptional customer service.

Our used cars in Staten Islands are available at several prices that appeal to customers with limited and unlimited funds. If you are a budget-conscious shopper, you’ll be happy to know that we offer cars that are priced under $15 thousand. If money isn’t a primary concern, feel free to browse our selection of vehicles that are priced over $25 thousand.

In addition to an extensive inventory of used cars, our full-service dealership has parts and service departments. Our convenient website portal makes it easy to schedule your next service appointment without having to call our service center. Search for your original equipment manufacturer parts and place an order online.

It’s always a good time to visit our dealership for specials and deals on used cars in Staten Island. This includes offers for vehicles with low monthly payments and no money down. You should know that our inventory changes quickly. We invite you to come to our dealership to browse our current selection soon.